Training design and development encompasses all the activities that go into planning and creating good training programs.  After the needs assessment is complete, we know the target audience and the training objectives. Now we’re at the point where we further define and then create the key elements of the training itself: learning tasks, architecture and flow, scripts, storyboards, delivery methods, multimedia, hardware and software system requirements, and companion pieces like workbooks and facilitator guides.

Sexton & Company will work with you to plan, design and manage end-to-end learning projects. We can render customized new courses or an entire curriculum from the ground up, revise your existing content, or tweak an off-the-shelf workshop into an out-of-the box solution just for you.  Large or small, simple or complex, we cover the full learning cycle of course and curriculum design, development, implementation, evaluation and ROI.

You can see many examples of training that Sexton & Company has designed and developed in our Portfolio. Call us at 303-246-0366 to discuss your specific needs.