Denver, Colorado Training

Have you ever taken part in training that was tedious, uninspiring, ridiculously boring? A session that left you feeling a touch resentful that you would never recover those precious hours for something useful? Unfortunately, most people can answer a big, booming “Yes!” But training doesn’t have to be – in fact it should not be – mind-numbing, or in any way something the participant dreads.

Good training – thoughtfully conceived, planned and executed – is appealing, hopefully even compelling. The message sinks in. It’s more likely to stick when it’s associated with something positive and interesting.

This is yet another way Sexton & Company Training stands apart from others in the field. We really understand how to make the training experience out of the ordinary. We do our homework to understand the goals of the training and the audience. Then we apply solid ISD principles and learning theory to engaging multimedia components. All training can communicate the message. Our training communicates that message in a way that fires the imagination and motivates participants to take the desired actions. Put the Sexton & Company team to work on your training project, and see for yourself what makes us a leading Central Florida training company. 

 Here’s our Menu of Training Services, Products, and Delivery Methods – click on any link for more detailed information, and also be sure to visit the “eLearning” and “Courses” tabs.

Menu of Training Services, Products, and Delivery Methods

  • Corporate Training Consultants
  • Training Needs Assessment/Analysis                       
  • Training Design & Development/Instructional Design
  • Instructor-Led (ILT)/Traditional Stand-Up Training
  • Training Videos/DVDs
  • Certification Programs
  • Presentations
  • Script Writing/Storyboards/Content Creation
  • Consumer Training
  • Training Evaluation Tools & Systems
  • Section 508 Compliance