Denver, Colorado’s Leading Training Development Company
We take our business and serving the training needs of our clients very seriously, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Still, we want you to know you’re working with a highly experienced, well-qualified team with a history of great results. Here’s a little about us.

What We Do

We develop and deliver training solutions and training management systems.  We use innovation to resolve the issues surrounding training delivery and the age-old challenge of learning retention. We have offices in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area and in Central Florida, but we’re configured in a way that lets us take our training virtually anywhere in the world.

Training needs come in all sizes.  Maybe yours happens to be smaller in scale, but substantial in importance.  Where do you turn for a customized solution that won’t break the bank? Come to us.  We’re the training development company who will respect your budget, and give you the quality results you’re after. 

What about those mammoth training projects – the ones that can paralyze you into indefinite procrastination? You might have the budget, but no idea where to begin.  But we do. 

Big or small, turn your training project over to the experts at Sexton & Company. We have a proven track record, and the experience and resources to deliver. 

How We’re Different (and Better)

Every training project is unique. The objectives, desired outcomes, target audiences, financial resources – they’re all unique.  So are we.  Our distinction is in our business model and our hands-on approach to serving your training needs.  We don’t have big overhead.  And we don’t use junior talent or interns.  Our unique business model puts the experienced management team of Sexton & Company directly to work on your training project.

We don’t exist to dazzle you with expensive office suites, training jargon, or industry buzzwords.  We do exist to dazzle and delight you with a dynamite training product – the end result of our specialized training development and delivery process – designed just for you. 

Why You Need Us

In most organizations, training development gets one of the first and deepest cuts during tough economic times.  But the need for good training doesn’t disappear with the budget.  In fact, during a downtown, new ways of thinking and doing business become a higher focus, and those new concepts need fast and effective implementation.  Maybe it’s the rollout of a new product, service, or process.  Or it could be a complete dismantling and/or restructuring of a major operational system. 

Frequently, training falls into a more common category.  Maybe it’s time to update your sexual harassment training.  Or, you might just need to send your team through some good old-fashioned leadership or management training to stay competitive. You have plenty of options for this type of training, but training isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

Most off-the-shelf modules – regardless of the quality – can only be so effective, because they were never meant to address your particular circumstance.  We tailor our training solutions to your exact and unique situation. But you won’t overpay for our services.

Think of Sexton & Company as your personal business consultants for everything related to training.  From needs analysis through train-the-trainer, we provide a full line of services to supercharge your training efforts.  

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