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    Sexton and Company logoSexton & Company is Denver, Colorado’s leading training development company. When you add up our combined experience in training management, training development and training delivery, the years number in decades. Yes, decades! But that doesn’t make us old, it just makes us good.

    We’ve been around long enough to tell the difference between a fad in training and a bona-fide trend. And we know the real break-throughs in training development, because we helped create them! From college level courses to basic short course training, from leadership skills to technical skills to customer service skills training, Sexton & Company is here for your training needs.

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  • Renewable Energy Project

    With the recent completion of three interactive CD-ROM/USB projects for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Sexton & Company continues to be on the forefront of renewable energy technology training.
  • Other Recent Projects

    Wyoming Helmet Safety
    Sexton & Company recently completed a week long video shoot for the Wyoming Trails new Helmet Safety video. This video targets children in elementary and middle schools to teach them proper helmet safety while riding powered ATVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.

    Army World Class Athlete Program
    Sexton & Company recently completed a orientation video for the Army World Class Athlete Program. This program provides support and training for world class athletes training for Olympic and national competition.

  • Recent Production-Conference Kickoff Presentation

  • A Short Lesson in Training

    The mediocre teacher tells.
    The good teacher explains.
    The superior teacher demonstrates.
    The great teacher inspires.
    - William Arthur Ward

    Let the team at Sexton & Company develop training for your company that INSPIRES!